Edwina Ings-Chambers: Classic beauty products that work

Not just budget-friendly, these have stood the test of time for a reason – they work!

When it was mentioned in a YOU meeting recently that the classic Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher has just returned to these shores, a ripple of appreciation spread round the room. Sometimes you don’t realise how much you’ve missed something until it’s back.

And it really is a gem of a thing. A highly pigmented powder blush, it smells of roses, lasts well, and comes in a very charming little pot. First launched in 1863, it has stood the test of time but we’ve been without it in the UK since the brand bid a retreat in December 2019. Now you can find it at Superdrug, both online and rolling out in stores over the summer (£8.99, superdrug.com).

Perhaps its absence should also serve as a warning to us to value our classic treasures all the more. So this week I’m shining a light on some all-too-often unsung heroes – each of which can be yours for under £10.


Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray, from £3, avon.uk.com A very splendid and moisturising body oil, this comes with the added benefit of being a most excellent bug repellent. Seriously, you’ll find this stuff in many a backpacker’s bag or cabin – and it’s been a cult buy since 1962.


Maybelline Great Lash, £5.99, superdrug.com This made its glamorous and distinctive debut in 1971 and, though there has been a wealth of mascara innovation since, it’s still one of our favourites. It’s simple, classic and it works.


Badedas Original Indulgent Bath Gelee, £6, boots.com Fancy salts and soaks are all very well, but who can resist the joy of a good old wallow with some trusty pine-smelling Badedas? Beloved since 1957.


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, £2, boots.com We all know it isn’t just for babies – even if that was the pitch when it launched in 1953. A mild shampoo that hits all the best sentimental notes – and now has a refillable system.


Pond’s Cold Cream Deep Cleanser, £5.99, boots.com One of my all-time favourites, this has the heritage of being loved by our mothers and grandmothers – it’s been with us since 1915 and still deserves to be cherished.


Atrixo Enriched Moisturising Cream, £4.79, boots.com It’s been around since 1955 and, although the packaging may not be the most stylish, the contents work a treat on dry and chapped hands.


Yardley English Lavender Luxury Soap, £7.99, yardleylondon.co.uk One of the best soaps in the business, this was created in the 1770s – though over the years it has been repackaged and slightly modernised. The English-grown lavender aroma is enhanced with the addition of jasmine, vanilla, eucalyptus and patchouli.


VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil, £4.99 for pack of four, boots.com First launched in 1976, this hair classic was briefly discontinued in 2016 and relaunched in 2018. Although I wish there was a fragrance-free option, it’s still a great and speedy hair restorer, boosting shine and bounciness.


The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue, £9.50, thebodyshop.com A real blast from my past, this was a bathroom stalwart in my teenage years and 20s. Still pink, still good and, while it has been given a new look and reformulation, for me it still ticks those nostalgic boxes and is moisturising and comforting on hot days.