Sleeping beauty: Introducing the spa treatment that dreams are made of

Did you get enough sleep last night? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. A good night’s rest is fast becoming one of life’s rarest luxuries – with nearly a third of the UK regularly suffering from insomnia, according to one study. And it’s small wonder; our high-stress, smartphone-centric lives leave little time for self-care and relaxation, let alone enough shut-eye.

Known for its results-driven yet luxurious skincare and body care solutions, Clarins is launching two new holistic wellbeing treatments at its Skin Spas, one of which will focus solely on improving and encouraging relaxation and promoting healthy sleeping patterns.

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The innovative Beauty Sleep treatment combines 60 years of expertise with holistic sensorial Clarins Touch Techniques and targeted stress-relieving exercises. First, a head-to-toe deeply relaxing massage hones in on key energy zones. The method is based on the ancient practice of lemniscate – a spiral figure-of-eight movement in continuous flow to melt away any residual tension and perfectly prep the body for deep sleep. Next, a snap massage and breathing exercises calm the mind and dissolve any stress.

And the results? They speak for themselves; 89 per cent of people who tried the Beauty Sleep experience felt that it was the equivalent of a proper night’s sleep, while 100 per cent left the treatment feeling relaxed, rested and calmer*.

And the best part? The blissful Beauty Sleep experience is available at a Clarins Skin Spa near you; an urban oasis found nestled in selected John Lewis and Debenhams stores.

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“It was exactly what I needed”

by Jo Elvin, Editor, YOU Magazine

‘Between my job and the various stresses of London life, I rarely find time for myself, and my sleep often suffers for it. I’ve tried all the old tricks – camomile tea, hot baths, herbal remedies – but the new Beauty Sleep treatment at the Clarins Skin Spa left me feeling such a deep sense of relaxation and calm, I slept better than I have in ages. Plus I learned some incredible breathing techniques that I can now practise before bed.’


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*satisfaction test 104 women immediately after treatment