The #ClapForOurCarers to thank NHS workers will now take place every Thursday

23rd March saw prime minister Boris Johnson announce to the nation new rules and guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus, the main one being for us to stay inside our houses unless absolutely necessary. While many people are able to carry on their jobs as normal by working from home, there are lots of people who will still need to head out to work each day, such as the amazing NHS workers.

It’s for this reason that a campaign to show the NHS our appreciation has taken off, and anyone can get involved. Every Thursday, #ClapForOurCarers is encouraging people to join in on a mass applause from their front doors, gardens, balconies, windows and living rooms, ‘to show all who are working at the front line, our appreciation for their ongoing hard work and fight against this virus.’

NHS flag #ClapForOurCarers

The first #ClapForOurCarers took place on Thursday 26th March, and was a resounding success, with streets across the nation cheering and applauding – while complying with social distancing measures, of course – and making their voices heard. The sound of clapping was  heard everywhere from city centres to quiet country lanes and even Kensington and Buckingham Palace.

Due to its success, #ClapForOurCarers will now be a weekly occurrence, meaning every Thursday at 8pm you can thank the NHS staff again and again until the end of the UK lockdown.

4,500 retired doctors and nurses have returned to work to help our national health service and to support the people on the frontline of this pandemic in whatever way they can. Anyone working in the NHS, emergency and care sectors are the true heroes right now and it’s important we let them know how grateful we are for their continued hard work to keep us all safe and well.

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And of course, this same appreciation extends to all other key workers across the UK, from supermarket staff to teachers and waste collectors. It’s easy to feel helpless in times like this, but standing together and showing our support through a simple act like this can actually be a very powerful and meaningful moment.

#ClapForOurCarers comes after similar acts of kindness, solidarity and appreciation have been shown across Spain and Italy, resulting in a series of truly heartwarming clips of applause running through the streets of both countries.

Annemarie Plas, the Dutch Londoner who instigated the campaign, said: ‘We will keep on doing this up until the end of the lockdown and are now doing our best to get up to speed with our communication,’ she says.