Ciate sells 4000 Cheat Sheets a day and now the brand has launched Nail Wrap Kits

Last March, when the UK was in lockdown and beauty salons were closed, one of the many things that we missed was getting our nails done. Fortunately, Ciate came to the rescue and launched their now iconic Cheat Sheets.

In the week after launch, the brand sold a whopping 100,000 Cheat Sheets making them seriously hot property not to mention the easiest way ever to pull of some of the hottest and most intricate nail art trends from the comfort of your own home.

Initially offering nail art such as animal print, silhouettes and evil eyes, the brand expanded the range last September adding four new Cheat Sheets to the range. From hearts to gold foil and stars and moons, we loved the adorable fried egg art in the so-called ‘playful randoms’ Cheat Sheet.


Since then, Ciate has sold over 4,000 units of Cheat Sheets every single day and, one year on, the brand is back with a new addition to the range; Cheat Sheet Nail Wrap Kits.

Bold, brave and offering full coverage, the latest designs have been designed to provide enviable, elevated nails in minutes and whether you opt for a full manicure or just an accent nail, Ciate have you covered.

So, without further ado, discover the three new Ciate Cheat Sheet Nail Wraps:

Cheat Sheet Nail Wrap

Tie Dye Cheat Sheet Nail Wrap, £13, Ciate

Fuelling festival cravings, these multi-tonal rainbow wraps supply a spectrum of colour.

Cheat Sheet Nail Wrap

Fun Fair Cheat Sheet Nail Wrap, £13, Ciate

From Tiger stripes and lightning bolts to smileys, mix and match these designs as you please.

Cheat Sheet Nail Wrap

So Electric Cheat Sheet Nail Wrap, £13, Ciate

Lacking coordination? This nude design features clean vertical slices of white-hot neon.

To apply the Cheat Sheet Nail Wraps, clean nails with an acetone-based nail polish remover and allow to dry. Choose a wrap-size that best matches your nail size and centre it at the base of the nail. Press firmly and smooth over the entire nail include the tip. Using a nail file, remove any excess. Apply a top coat and voila.

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