This ‘two out, one up’ trick makes artificial trees look fuller and more realistic

While lots of people love the tradition of getting a real tree every Christmas, there’s no denying the cost-effectiveness and ease of having an artificial one that you can store away and get out year after year.

Christmas tree and fireplace
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Some people love the imperfectness of real trees, and half the fun of having one is embracing its wonky unevenness. However, if you’re someone who loves the effect of a perfect looking tree, a huge bonus of artificial trees is that you can manipulate the branches to create a desired affect.

This is something that TikTok user @lifehacks1989 uses to her advantage to make her artificial Christmas tree look fuller every year. As an ex-retail worker, Taylor uses a hack she was taught for displaying Christmas trees in shop windows so that they looked their best.


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She explains in her video: ‘One thing I learnt working in retail: put your Christmas tree branches two out, one up, two out, one up.’

‘It will make your tree look bigger and fuller,’ she concluded.

Watch her video for a visual demonstration of what this means, but it really is as simple as it sounds. By splaying the branches out vertically as well as horizontally, you fill out any gaps and create a much fuller, more perfect looking tree.

While it seems easy enough to execute, without the retail insider know-how, many people have never realised that this is what they should be doing: ‘I’m going to have to redo my tree’ said one person in the comments, while another added an additional great tip: ‘2 out 1 up, 2 out 1 down works better,’ which the creator of the video agreed with.

Christmas tree bauble
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Another handy Christmas tree hack for making it appear fuller is to wrap matte green tinsel around the trunk or stuff it into any particularly gaping holes.

Meanwhile, if you have opted for a real tree this year, don’t forget this great hack for keeping it looking fresher for longer (hint: feed it with lemonade as well as plenty of water – Christmas trees love sugar!).

And everyone can benefit from John Lewis’s genius tip on how to expertly hang baubles (nope, we didn’t know the pin in the tip of the bauble was meant to be used like that either!).