Interiors experts share their tips for Christmas table decorations

A festive table is at the centre of Christmas day, which is why these days many of us are paying just as much attention to table décor as we are to cooking the turkey. Here, three design gurus reveal how they make their Christmas table special, with decorating tips we can all achieve at home.

Top tips for Christmas table decorations

Go maximalist

‘I love a full table, with a lot of print play and maximalist pieces, and I wouldn’t be afraid to mix together florals with a marble or geometric pattern. Showcasing your personality in your tablescaping is a must, with me it’s an abundance.’ Liberty London product developer Bryony Rae Sheridan (below) 

Bryony Rae Sheridan
Image: Megan Taylor

Think outside the box

‘When it comes to Christmas table decorations, always go with what you feel – I tend to stay away from typical Christmas colours of green, red and gold and create something festive with a twist.’ Interior designer Eva Sonaike

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Decorate with food

‘I’m a keen foodie, so like to us ingredients as decoration. Dried fruit, nuts, clementines and apples can make a table look abundant and beautiful. Figs are a favourite – their dusky purple colour and bauble-like shape sit perfectly on a platter with a bit of foliage from the garden or local florist.’  Author and cook James Rich (below) 

james rich
Image: Megan Taylor

Flowers with impact

‘On the table a floral display is something I’m known for, you don’t want them to interfere with the food and what you’re doing, so bud vases are the ideal way of combatting too many flowers on the table. You can have one-two stems of in a bud-vase and this makes a massive difference.’ Bryony Rae Sheridan

‘Rather than using a big floral display, use some small vessels and put a few stems in each. This way, every guest at the table feels they have their own mini bouquet.’ Eva Sonaike (below) 

Image: Megan Taylor

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