Where to buy Christmas presents that change lives

Last month, 27 people tragically died attempting to cross the English Channel. A record 1,185 made the journey on November 12th, following a sharp increase in attempts over the previous year. And the RNLI was blocked by abusive members of the public while trying to launch a rescue boat. The refugee crisis has put Britain’s asylum system under serious scrutiny, and organisations like Choose Love have been stepping up to identify and close gaps in services for refugees and displaced people. 

Funding grassroot and community-led organisations, Choose Love aims to platform the voices of refugees while providing essential support such as rescue boats and legal advice, food and supplies. 

This year, tapping into the country’s festive spirit, Choose Love has launched the fifth instalment of its Christmas shop, which sells real items for refugees. Conveniently located in Soho’s Carnaby Street in London, shoppers can effortlessly tie in a visit to the pop-up with their usual Christmas shopping trips, dropping in to make a difference and support the extraordinary efforts of Choose Love.

Open until Christmas Eve, shoppers can spend just £20 and buy a warm blanket and sleeping bag for those sleeping in refugee camps this winter – a simple but game-changing purchase for those just trying to survive cold nights. Just £40 can buy an emergency medical care package, which funds life-saving doctors services and PPE to help fight the spread of Covid, which tears through camps where people live in close proximity. Gifts can also be purchased online at the Choose Love website.

Treating your own kids to stockings from Santa? Give them the gift of empathy and understanding for those less fortunate, by gifting a New start for a Child Bundle (£80) in their name, which equips young children with clothes and essential skills for the future through education and play. With families divided and desperate, this festive season is likely to be a struggle for many in the camps around the world supported by Choose Love.

The Afghanistan Bundle, £120, supports those (especially women) displaced from a country in crisis, by creating safe spaces, food, clothes, mental health support and reunion services, whilst those feeling extra generous can Buy the Store for £550 and help people at every stage of the process rebuild their lives from scratch.

There’s still time to turn your Christmas shopping spree into a meaningful opportunity to help those that need it most: drop into Choose Love’s Christmas store until December 24th and or shop online buy someone a gift that they’ll never forget.

Choose Love Christmas Store, 3 Carnaby Street, Carnaby, London W1F 9PB

Opening times:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 10am–7pm

Thursday: 10am–8pm

Sunday: 11am–6pm 

For those who can’t make it down to Carnaby Street, visit the online store.