5 of the biggest Christmas decor trends for 2019, according to Pinterest

With less than 80 days to go until the big day, it is now categorically not too early to think about Christmas – particularly when it comes to decorating your home for the occasion.

The experts at Pinterest say that this year size, sustainability, and even scent will be key themes when it comes to Christmas decor trends for 2019 – so here are five of the fastest-rising looks, to give you a head start.

Sunflower Christmas trees

Perhaps not the most seasonally-appropriate of flowers, but Pinterest has already seen a 66 per cent uplift in searches for these bright and beautiful displays. As the yellow flowers are the focus, accessorise simply with ornaments with a neutral or metallic palette, and add extra interest with crisp white lights. Bonus points if you go the whole hog with coordinating garlands and wreaths.

Small Christmas trees

Stuck on space? That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style – searches for small Christmas trees are up 50 per cent this year and there’s plenty of inspiration. The first decision to make is whether to go for a minature traditional style, or opt for a quirky alternative; from there, it’s all in the baubles and bows.

Boho Christmas decor

Boho fashion is back with a bang, so it only makes sense that this theme will translate into our homes for the festive season, with Pinterest searches up by 65 per cent. Textures are key, with natural wood, fresh foliage, woven fabrics and homemade details such as tassels and pom poms all enhancing the look.

Zero waste decorations

If you’re throwing a Christmas bash, it needs to be an eco-friendly one, with searches for zero waste party decorations up 81 per cent. The idea is to repurpose your existing kit, rather than shopping for seasonal specifics; fill mason jars with foraged branches, wrap presents in fabric and adorn with dried fruits rather than plastic glitter. Even toilet roll tubes can be made quite beautiful in the right hands…

Handmade scented candles

Continuing in the crafty vein, handmade scented candles are having a moment, both as gifts and as decoration in our own homes (Pinterest searches are up 461 per cent). Basic candles are actually relatively simple and can be made with natural ingredients: use Christmas-inspired notes like clementine, pine, or cinnamon for a candle that looks great and smells even better.