The top 10 cheapest UK city breaks for 2019

You may be knee-deep in January blues right now but as always, the best way to get over the post-Christmas misery is to start planning your next getaway.

cheapest UK city breaks
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We know the festive period has probably left you strapped for cash – or at least the kind of cash you’d need to visit one of the luxury Airbnbs on your wishlist at this time of the year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t escape hustle and bustle of daily life with an equally enjoyable and much more affordable city break – and we’re not talking the European type.

Eurostar may have a sale going on right now, but why leave the country when you can indulge in a cheap and cheerful city break within the UK? This is an excellent time of year to explore the many wonders the UK has to offer without spending a fortune as hotel chain Premier Inn has compiled a list of the most affordable UK city break destinations for 2019.

cheapest UK city breaks
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Their results are based on the average cost data of city break staple purchases, such as a pint of beer, a three course meal and ticket to the top rated attraction in the city, meaning you can plan your trip without coming across any surprise additional costs.

Nottingham came out on top as the most affordable UK city to visit, with a total average cost of £57.64. It was closely followed by Sheffield, which had an average estimated price of £58.07 while Newcastle (£59.45) and Hull (£63.38) placed third and fourth most affordable. Southampton and Cardiff weren’t far behind with average prices of £63.76 and £64.70.

10 of the cheapest UK city breaks

1. Nottingham – £57.64
2. Sheffield – £58.07
3. Newcastle – £59.54
4. Hull – £63.38
5. Southampton – £63.76
6. Cardiff – £64.70
7. Leeds – £67.35
8. Swansea – £67.78
9. York – £67.81
10. Birmingham – £69.88

Not to anyone’s surprise, the most expensive city to visit in the UK turned out to be London with an average cost of £89.22.