The cheapest supermarket in the UK has been revealed and it won by just 73p

When it comes to discount retailers, are you team Lidl or team Aldi? Either way, both supermarkets are renowned for their excellent bargains and value for money. That said, it was actually Aldi that was crowned the cheapest UK supermarket in October, according to the monthly analysis by Which?.


We love to see what’s on offer in the ‘middle of Lidl’ and you’re lucky if you manage to basket an Aldi Specialbuy before it sells out, but how do the brands compare on essentials?

Every day throughout October, Which? checked the prices of 23 essentials in various supermarkets to figure out which one was the cheapest. The essential products included own-brand foods like eggs and apples. The consumer group also compared branded goods, like Hovis wholemeal bread.

Aldi beat Lidl to the top spot by just 73p, proving both stores are neck and neck when it comes to cheap prices. The shop at Aldi came to £24.24, while the same products at Lidl cost £24.97. Asda was the cheapest of the ‘big four’ supermarkets, with the trolley contents priced at £25.94.