Going abroad? 5 insider hacks to help you land cheap flights

With travel firmly back on the cards this year, we’ve been busy planning the trips we want to take, the destinations we want to visit and the sights we want to see. In fact, research shows that the average UK family is set to travel abroad twice in 2022.

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Holidays have changed somewhat over the past few years but the one thing that has stayed the same is that flying abroad is pricey. In truth, finances have always been at the heart of breaks abroad for many of us and flights can eat into a large chunk of our budget before we’ve even touched down in our destination of choice.

So, to help you save as much as possible on the flight so that you can splurge elsewhere, we spoke to budget airline Wizz Air, who have shared their insider insight on the top hacks to help you land cheap flights this year.

5 ways to find cheap flights and save money

Switching up currencies

‘Depending on the ‘strength’ of the currencies at the time, it may be worth booking your flight in the currency of your destination rather than your current one. Open two online tabs, one with the location set in your current destination and one with in the location set to the destination that you are travelling to. Comparing prices (for instance, Sterling vs Euros), can provide a substantial saving, especially if the airline is based and operates overseas.’

Flying with flexibility

‘It’s no secret that flying at peak times can be financially costly. Being prepared to fly on an array of days is likely to save you money. However, it’s not just showing flexibility on the day you are prepared to fly that will save you money, but the time in the day as well. Night flights are often cheaper than the day and changing up which airport you fly to can also work to save the pennies.’

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A one-way ticket

‘Making two separate bookings instead of one return trip can save you money. Of course, this may not be the case every single time, but it is worth searching one return and two bookings across two search tabs when looking for the best deals.’

Plan ahead

‘It’s a common myth that waiting until the last minute to book a flight serves as a money saving exercise. Flights tend to increase in price the closer it gets to take off, especially if it’s receiving a lot of bookings. Booking up to 8 weeks in advance is most likely to be the cheapest time to book.’

Three’s a crowd

‘When several people are travelling together, searching flights as a group booking is likely to become expensive as the airline’s algorithm will automatically seat the party together. Booking seats separately may be time consuming, but its probable that it will serve as the most cost-effective method.’

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