Charlotte Tilbury’s new range matches your eye colour to its perfect make-up

No matter what colour your eyes are, you’ve probably heard endless rules about what colour make-up you should wear on them. Now, we’re of the mind that rules are made to be broken, but if you like a prescription from the pros, the new Charlotte Tilbury Eye Colour Magic collection might just turn your usual expectations upside-down.

The make-up artist and beauty mogul has just unveiled four new sets, each designed to compliment a different eye colour and emphasise its natural beauty.

The four new shades come in the form of both a tailored Luxury Palette (£40) and an Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo (£21), and can also be bought as part of a limited edition Trick Kit with a Legendary Lashes mascara for £82.

Blue eyes are prescribed Copper Charge, an iridescent bronze which will make them look even bluer, while green eyes will be set alight by the use of Mesmirising Maroon, a rich, deep burgundy hue.

The nature-inspired Green Lights offering brings out the golden element of hazel eyes, but perhaps the most surprising partnership is brown eyes, which Charlotte Tilbury assigns a colour called Super Blue.

As the name suggests, this is a vibrant cobalt choice which the brand says will make brown eyes look amber. This makes a huge change from the greens and coppers usually recommended to brown-eyed beauty fans, but a very welcome one that will liven up your make-up bag and breathe new life into your look for spring.

For hazel eyes: Green Lights

Charlotte tilbury hazel eyes

Green Lights Luxury Palette, £40, Charlotte Tilbury

For green eyes: Mesmirising Maroon

Charlotte tilbury green eyes

Mesmirising Maroon Luxury Palette, £40, Charlotte Tilbury

For blue eyes: Copper Charge

Charlotte tilbury eye colour magic blue eyes

Copper Charge Luxury Palette, £40, Charlotte Tilbury

For brown eyes: Super Blue

Charlotte tilbury eye colour magic brown eyes

Super Palette Luxury Palette, £40, Charlotte Tilbury

‘To curate my new Eye Colour Magic range, I have decoded the secrets of the colour wheel with my eye wardrobe of colour co-ordinated eyeshadows and eyeliners to enhance and add shape, shade and definition, for eyes to hypnotise the world,’ says Charlotte.

We don’t know about you, but we think she might just have nailed it. Our orders have already been placed.

The full Charlotte Tilbury Eye Colour Magic range is available to order now from