You can help charities by saving your Christmas card stamps this year

Just like the rest of us, charities have been severely impacted by the pandemic this year, with fundraising events cancelled and tighter purse strings for the general population meaning less donations coming in.

But with Christmas being a time of giving, you might be trying to think of ways you can support charities around this time of year. Luckily, even if you haven’t got much in the way of spare cash to donate, there’s a little known way you can support charities and causes close to your heart without spending a penny yourself.

Christmas stamps
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When the Christmas cards start flying through the letterbox this December, before you discard the envelope, take a second to cut out the stamp. While of small value to you and I, lots of charities accept donations of stamps as they can turn them into cash by selling them onto stamp collectors and dealers.

Simply tear or cut out the stamp, leaving a 1cm border around the stamp, pop them in an envelope and send off to your chosen charity or take them into your local charity shop. Some charities will even provide a pre-paid envelope for sending your stamps in, so it’s worth getting in touch with your charity of choice directly to see if they accept stamp donations and how best to send them.

stamp collecting
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Charities actually collect stamps throughout the whole year (and can earn up to £20 per kilo), but with the extra flurry of post we all receive during the festive period, it’s a great time to remember to do it, plus you’ll no doubt receive some extra special limited edition Christmas stamps that will go down a treat with collectors.

Why not pop a message in your own Christmas cards encouraging your recipients to do the same?

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Below are just some of the charities that accept charity stamp donations:

  • Against Breast Cancer
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Oxfam
  • Parkinson’s UK
  • RNIB
  • Kidney Care UK
  • Retired Greyhound Trust
  • Stamp out MND
  • British Hedgehog Preservation Society
  • Many Tears Animal Rescue
  • CRY
  • The Leprosy Mission
  • RICE
  • Batten Disease Family Association
  • Canine Partners
  • National Eye Research Centre
  • Poverty Child