A new wine-gin hybrid just launched and it sounds delicious

Imagine your two favourite things in the world combined into one super treat? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it isn’t – because that’s exactly what has just happened. A new wine-gin hybrid has been launched and quite frankly, we’ve never been happier with our spring drinking options.

English wine brand Chapel Down has launched a new Pinot Noir Gin – a mix between wine and gin. Created in their Kent-based vineyard, the new beverage has been produced using the skins of the same grapes grown to make Chapel Down’s sparkling wine.

Chapel Down Pinot Noir GinHowever, don’t expect it to be a budget buy. The chic bottles are priced at £35 but considering the double dose of alcohol with both wine and gin, it’s a fair price to pay – especially because the packaging is Instagram-ready levels of gorgeous too.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Chapel Down’s head winemaker, Josh Donaghay-Spire  explained that ‘the new gin is infused with the characteristics of Pinot Noir, including juniper, coriander, dried red berries, rose buds, citrus fruits, rosehip, angelica and grains of paradise.’

He added: ‘The result is an aromatic pink gin with delicate aromas of red berries which perfectly balance the juniper led palate and refreshing citrus finish.’

Chapel Down Pinot Noir Gin
Chapel Down

Pinot Noir Gin, £35, Chapel Down

And anyway, you know the flavour will be good, because this isn’t the wine experts’ first venture into producing spirits. Back in 2017, Chapel Down launched a bacchus gin and chardonnay vodka which turned to be a huge hit. The brand also hit the headlines in 2016 after winning 18 medals at the International Wine Awards, and since then, the victories have just kept coming.

Last year, its vineyard estate Kit’s Coty was awarded Gold Outstanding status at the 2018 International Wine & Spirits Competition for the Kit’s Coty Coeur de Cuvée 2013 and Blanc de Blanc 2013. If that isn’t an impressive collection of accolades then we don’t know what is.