4 ways to change up your skincare routine for spring/summer

Summer is on the way (we promise!), so now is a good time to turn your attention to your skincare regime, and make tweaks to take it from the cold, wintery months into spring/summer.

This doesn’t have to been a massive overhaul – we’re certainly not suggesting you chuck all your skincare products out and buy a load of new ones – but there’s opportunity to fine tune your regime to address the skincare concerns that become more relevant as the temperatures heat up.

We spoke to Dija Ayodele, a skincare expert and author of Black Skin, and Andreea Sabau, No7 Global Education Specialist, about the best ways to adapt your skincare for spring/summer.

Choose Vitamin C-rich products

summer skincare tips

Now is a good time of year to refocus your attention on antioxidants, according to both experts. These are substances that protect against damage from environmental factors, such as UV rays and pollution – both of which we’re likely to be more exposed to in the summer. The damage caused can includes fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, so you can see why antioxidant-rich skincare is a good shout.

Dija recommends products with vitamin C, the superhero of the antioxidant world. ‘Vitamin C helps collagen develop within the skin – UVA attacks collagen, so you’re essentially protecting the skin from within’ she explains. It’s a good idea to apply a vitamin C product in the morning to help fend off pollution and UVA damage during the day – we love No7’s Radiance+ 15% Vitamin C Serum, £19.95.

Switch to lightweight textures

summer skincare tips

No one likes that heavy, mask-like feeling that certain products can produce when the temperatures heat up. Products that might feel rich and nourishing in winter can feel slightly suffocating in summer, which is why switching to lighter textures is a good call.

Obviously this depends on your skin type – those with very dry skin may need extremely rich formulas even in the summer, while those with oily skin may find this oiliness increases in warm weather, and therefore benefit more from lighter textures and oil-free products. If you’re not sure what your skin type is or what it needs, try the new No7 Pro Derm Scan device at your nearest counter – this amazing new bit of tech can quickly analyse your skin and reveal everything from hydration levels to the exact foundation colour match you need.

For most people, our experts recommend gel-like serums and light moisturisers at this time of year. Try No7 Early Defence Glow Activating Serum, £19.95, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel moisturiser, £12.99 or Murad Nutrient-Charged Water Gel, £55.

SPF all the way

summer skincare tips

Of course, we can’t talk about summer skincare without mentioning SPF. Any beauty expert will stress the importance of wearing sun protection all year round, but it becomes even more important on hot, sunny days.

Important things you need to know: having SPF combined into other products, such as your moisturiser or foundation, is a good start, but the experts we spoke to recommended a standalone sun protection product as well. Also, you need to top up during the day – one great way to do this if you’re wearing make up is with sun protection sprays, such as La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun Protection Face Mist, £14.

Ditch the heavy make up

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Switching for more sheer, radiant make up is a good choice for summer – it will feel more fresh and glowy in the summer sun. Obviously, some of us like a decent whack of coverage, but you might not need a heavy foundation over your whole face. Instead, choose a light or medium foundation and then just use concealer on the areas that need it. YOU’s beauty director, Edwina Ings-Chambers, has rounded up the best new foundations – delivering radiance and a natural finish – here.