These new changing room stickers could save your life

High street retailers and supermarkets across the country are set to launch a new initiative encouraging women to get regular breast cancer checks with the introduction of changing room stickers.

Set up with ITV’s Lorraine, the #ChangeandCheck initiative will see retail giants Asda, John Lewis, and Monsoon and gym chain David Lloyd, among others, putting stickers on their windows and changing rooms to remind customers to check their breasts for symptoms of cancer.

Each sticker shows imagery of nine different warning signs of breast cancer. This includes lumps, swelling, a change in nipple shape and a rash.

The #ChangeandCheck campaign was launched by TV host Lorraine Kelly after Helen Addis, a friend of Lorraine’s and a producer on her programme, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 39, despite having no family history of the illness.

The two carved up the idea together shortly after Helen’s diagnoses. Writing for the Daily Mail about the experience, Lorraine said: ‘I hate to say it, but I thought: why her? Helen simply says: ‘Why not me?’

She continued: ‘And, of course, she is right. Her story is a stark reminder we all need to be vigilant about this disease, which affects one in eight women. In fact, Helen’s diagnosis was a direct result of a series of breast health stories we were running at the time.

‘The reason we’ve chosen changing rooms for our campaign is because it’s a place where you take off your clothes, and maybe you’re thinking about – or at least looking at – your breasts. Maybe that’d be a good time to have quick feel, too? But it could be at another time.’

As well as being advertised in the retail stores on board, there is plenty of information regarding breast cancer on the official Lorraine website. They’ve even included a complete how-to guide for checking your own breasts.