Shoppers are praising this £9 eye cream for soothing their eczema 

Having eczema on your face can really impact your life and in particular, which skincare you’re actually able to use. The eye area is particularly sensitive, so if you suffer from eczema around there, it can be really tough to treat and shift. 

Luckily, Cerave has come to the rescue again, with its £9 eye cream that protects, soothes, and treats eczema, according to its legion of fans. 

Cerave is known for its brilliant stripped back skincare that focuses on plumping the skin with ceramides, which keep the skin barrier healthy and strong. It was previously only available in US markets, but in recent years has reached UK shores. Popular products include its SA Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid, and now — as reviews on Amazon show — its Eye Repair Cream. 

cerave eye repair cream
Cerave Eye Repair Cream, £8.72, Amazon

The little tube contains some of the best known skincare ingredients of the moment including hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and of course, the three essential ceramides that Cerave are known for. It’s fragrance-free and also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, meaning it is suitable for the most sensitive of eye areas. 

The wonder cream has racked up over 1,400 reviews on its Amazon page, with fans praising its ability to soothe sore and itchy eczema like a dream. 

‘I have eczema-prone skin around my eyes, and this cream has really helped keep it under control,’ wrote one user, before adding: ‘Wouldn’t recommend you use if during an active flare-up but more like maintenance once the worst of the symptoms have gone down.’

Another said in a rave review: ‘I have suffered with eczema under my eye for over a year and have spent a fortune on all sorts of different products. I’ve used this for two days and the eczema has gone! My eyes are much less puffy and my dark circles seem to be reducing too! Win win! Some products have been rubbish to put makeup over but this one absorbs really well and it’s like putting makeup on bare skin. Excellent product!’ 

You can pick up the cream at the moment from Amazon for £8.72, with its usual price being £12.