Celebrities reveal what the Wimbledon royal box is really like

It’s no secret that the royals love Wimbledon and various senior royal family members regularly take their seats in the Royal Box on Wimbledon’s Centre Court every year to watch the action live. Kate Middleton is often seen there cheering on the country’s top players, and we can no doubt look forward to catching a glimpse of her again when Wimbledon commences later this month.

Wimbledon royal box Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
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Getting an invite to sit in the Wimbledon royal box is an extremely exclusive and rare event – the official website describes the guest list as including, ‘British and overseas royal families, heads of government, people from the world of tennis, commercial partners, British Armed Forces, prominent media organisations, supporters of tennis and other walks of life.’

Yeah, that’s probably never going to be us mere mortals, so most of us have no idea of what an experience inside the Wimbledon Royal Box is really like. Thankfully though, certain celebrities who have been invited to watch the tennis from the royal box in the past have posted pictures to social media of their time in there, revealing some very interesting titbits of information.

Wimbledon royal box Kate Middleton and prince William
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First up, in 2019, David Beckham was invited to take a seat in the royal box, to which he took his mum as his guest – so sweet! The footballing legend couldn’t resist taking a selfie with mum Sandra and posting it to Instagram. In the background you can spy a small personal TV screen built into the stand. This allows those seated in the front row – the royals – to catch all the action on the other courts so they don’t miss a moment. Genius!

Also in 2019, Judy Murray, mother and coach to tennis star Andy Murray, spent some time in Wimbledon’s royal box, where she shared a snap to Twitter of the afternoon tea that’s served there. Of course, the petit fours are tennis-themed, with a chocolate tennis racket, alongside nods to London, with a Wimbledon tube sign made in icing. It looks almost too good to eat!