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Lisa Shannon

Lisa Shannon: ‘I gave her life and she saved mine’

When Lisa Shannon couldn’t cope with her depression any longer she decided to take her own life but was stopped by daughter Ellie. They...

‘I love Mum, but I needed to know where I come from’

As a mixed-race child adopted into a white family, Emma Johnson started to question her identity when she hit her teens. But would tracking...
Nicky Broszek

Nicky Broszek: ‘Mum and daughter ambulance teams are rare, but we’re a comfort to...

As a paramedic, Nicky Broszek’s working day often involves traumatic scenes. So she felt a strange mix of pride and anxiety when her daughter...
Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne: ‘Angels told me I’d have another baby’

Bestselling author Lorna Byrne is convinced that her daughter Aideen was a ‘miracle’ child – in the true sense of the word. They reveal here...
Sarah and Molly Hocking

Sarah Hocking: ‘Her fighting spirit amazes me’

Watching her daughter Molly win The Voice in 2019 was a hugely emotional moment for Sarah Hocking. They reveal here how behind the cheers...
Judith and Sabrina-Jayne

Judith Harper: ‘We’ve shared our home with 100 children’

Challenging but hugely rewarding, fostering has transformed family life for mother-of-five Judith Harper and her daughter Sabrina-Jayne. They reveal why their (ever expanding) house...
Noemie Lopian and her mother Renee

Noemie Lopian: ‘Mama’s past rips into my very soul’

More than 70 years after Renee Bornstein was imprisoned by the Nazis as a child, her daughter Noemie decided to retrace her mother’s wartime journey....
Fiona and Grace

Fiona Millar: ‘I still feel guilty that work took my attention off the kids’

Raising a family in the bubble of Westminster was a privilege, says former political adviser Fiona Millar – but it wasn’t easy. Though for...
Nikki and Brooke

Nikki Scott: ‘When Brooke laughs, it’s as if her dad is still alive’

A widow at just 28 when her soldier husband was killed in action, Nikki Scott was blindsided by grief and loss. But she knew...
Lily and Liz Earle

Liz Earle: ‘It’s difficult to see your daughter in so much pain’

Entrepreneur Liz Earle is both mother and boss to her eldest child Lily. Here the two talk about the challenge of separating work and...