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The SEAT diet: Is this the simplest weight-loss plan ever?

Forget calorie-counting or faddy diets. If you want to drop the pounds, ditch the snacks, says Rosamund Dean. So next time you reach for...

A third of women hide period troubles from their partner

Half the global population experience periods during their lifetime, and yet a third of us never discuss them with our partners, a recent survey...
laura kenny

Laura Kenny has opened up about her miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy

Experiencing fertility issues can feel like a lonely place, which is why it’s always admirable when public figures open up about their struggles to...

‘Sexist’ NHS targeted by overhaul of doctor training

A few months ago, You magazine reported on the shocking gender inequality in women’s health services, with a survey showing 80 per cent of...
how to treat sunburn

How to treat sunburn

Whether you've accidentally forgotten to apply SPF while out and about, or indulged in a cheeky tanning session in the sun (despite that we...

New study finds that ‘hanger’ is a real emotion

Have you ever found yourself snapping at a friend or colleague for a seemingly innocuous reason? Then you realise it's 3pm and you're yet...

Good news if you only exercise at the weekend

Most of us have great intentions when it comes to exercise, but once you factor in work, childcare, commuting and keeping some semblance of...
back pain

Easy stretch for soothing back pain goes viral, with people saying they feel ‘reborn’

Around two-thirds of us will experience lower back pain at some point in our lives, and this is certain to be exacerbated by the...

A health expert reveals her ultimate wellbeing tips

It seems implausible that in the 1930s and 40s, smoking was advertised as good for our health. Cigarettes were promoted as the fix for...
libido pills

Is this the love drug we’ve been waiting for?

Our sex drives have plummeted during the pandemic, say scientists, prompting a boom in supplements for women claiming to reignite desire. Steve Boggan finds...

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