35,000 cat lovers have applied for this dream job in Greece

Last month, cat lovers around the world were met with their dream job when a vacancy to run a cat rescue on an island in Greece was advertised on Facebook. Within days, thousands of hopefuls – 35,000 to be exact – had responded to the post, sparking a viral reaction. But what exactly does the job entail?

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Well, the job is currently held by Joan Bowell who runs God’s Little People Cat Rescue, a registered cat charity based on the Greek Cycladic island of Syros. In August, she send out an appeal for someone to replace her role but was quickly overwhelmed by the number of applications she received.

‘It’s been inspiring, sobering and quite distressing to read people’s reasons for applying,’ she admitted in a recent interview with the Observer. She went onto explain that she and her husband were forced to hire volunteers to help them go through the tens of thousands of applications they received from over 83 countries worldwide.

‘We’ve had refugees wanting to find a way out of war zones and people from Russia and India who have reached a low point and feel unable to continue caring for their own animals, which they can’t afford to feed,’ she continued.

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The position is part time and the successful candidate will be responsible for looking after the 70 rescue cats who live on Bowell’s property. This includes feeding, medicating and providing TLC. However in return, the employee will get free accommodation and a fair local salary, as well as lovely Aegean Sea views. And according to the job spec, all you need is a ‘heart of gold’ and solid grasp of moggy psychology.

If that isn’t a dream job, we don’t know what is.

God’s Little People Cat Rescue was opened by Bowell and her husband back in 2011 after the two moved to Syros. Their aim was to to create ‘a new, more humane world’ through their rescue work.

‘It was overwhelmingly sad how many [cats] lived around trash bins scouring the garbage and fighting over scraps. I started feeding a colony by the local dumpsters,’ she told the Observer. ‘People also come here for the summer, feed the strays and leave them. Come winter, these cats start coming into our garden because they don’t know where else to find food.’

To donate to God’s Little People Cat Rescue, visit Bowell’s gofundme page.