This high street bag looks just like Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic designer one

The Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That… is finally here – hurrah! We’ve been counting down the days, egging ourselves on by scrolling through all of the snaps from the set. It’s reminded us of just how many iconic looks and styles have walked the streets of New York, courtesy of Carrie Bradshaw.

From the unforgettable tutu in the opening credits, to the newspaper dress and those blue Manolo Blahnik shoes, there’s always been an item in Carrie’s wardrobe that has filled us with fashion envy. And her updated wardrobe for the new series is proving to do the same.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in And Just Like That
Getty Images

Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic purple Fendi baguette bag? Fans of the original Sex And The City series may remember when Carrie got mugged in series three. The thief demands that she hands over her ‘bag’, to which Carrie corrects him and says: ‘it’s a baguette’.

We were pleased to see it’s made a comeback in the new series, but even more delighted to find out there’s a bargain high street dupe of it.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in And Just Like That
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River Island has created its own purple sequined bag, which bears a decent resemblance to the designer number. The big difference in is the price tag, of course. River Island’s bag is on sale at the moment for just £20 (reduced from £28), meaning shoppers can get Carrie’s look for a whopping £2,960 less.

Carrie Bradshaw's purple bag dupe from River Island

Purple sequin shoulder bag, £20 (was £28), River Island

While Carrie Bradshaw’s original Fendi purple baguette bag is no longer on sale, the luxury label has created a modern version of it, complete with an FF clasp, leather handle and shoulder strap.

CArrie Bradshaw's Fendi purple bag modern version

Purple sequined baguette bag, £2,980, Fendi

Finally, we can emulate Carrie’s taste for the finer things in life, without paying the price for them. Even ZARA has a dupe for her blue Manolo Blahnik shoes that cost under £100!