Caroline Hirons wants us all to stop using this type of cleanser

When Caroline Hirons shares skincare advice, the world sits up and listens. The beauty blogger and qualified aesthetician, whose book Skincare: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide entered the world this week and instantly became a bestseller, is our go-to authority on all things complexion.

And in addition to taking her word as gospel when it comes to recommendations, when Caroline tells us to ditch a product, we know it’s time to cut it out completely. Speaking to the Evening Standard recently, Caroline Hirons revealed the one product she’d like to see ‘get in the bin’ forever, and it’s a cleanser that is still all too common in many people’s everyday routines.

Caroline Hirons
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Foaming face washes that contain SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl sulphate/sodium laureth sulfate),’ she responded. ‘Or, more specifically, anything that describes itself as giving you ‘squeaky clean’ skin.

‘No part of your body should squeak,’ she continued. ‘These products are too drying. Full stop. You may want to also consider removing hair products and toothpaste containing SLS from your routine.’

Caroline hirons foaming cleansers
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It’s not the first cleansing method Caroline has warned against in recent weeks – she also listed micellar waters as a product to avoid, explaining that ‘[they] were first designed to be used in situations when there’s no access to water, think festivals or backstage at fashions shows.’

‘They were never meant to be a permanent fixture in skincare routines,’ she noted. ‘And they are not cleansers. These waters are ingredient-heavy with some containing alcohol and most containing fragrance.’

So, what should you be using for a Hirons-approved cleanse that won’t dry out or irritate your skin? In an extract from her book shared with YOU back in April, she said: ‘It’s important to cleanse your skin every morning. It obviously doesn’t have to be as intense as the night-time cleanse, which needs to remove make-up and all the day’s dirt. But a quick warm flannel and milk/balm/gel wouldn’t go amiss to get rid of the overnight shedding.


Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, £35, Space NK

‘I like Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. And, yes, you can absolutely use the same product in the morning that you use in the evening if you want to. Just don’t cleanse in the shower – the water is too hot for your face.’

Caroline hirons pixi double cleanse

Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse, £24, Pixi

‘If you wear SPF you need to double cleanse,’ she adds. ‘A lot of people who think they are allergic to SPF because it breaks them out are simply not taking the time to wash it off properly. Using the flannel from the morning is fine. I usually use two out of the following three products: pre-cleanse oil or eye make-up remover, oil/balm cleanser, milk/gel cleanser. I know I’m biased but my favourite double cleanser is the one I created with Pixi.’