Cadbury has just launched mint chocolate buttons and fingers

These past few months have seen an intense fascination with orange chocolate; from orange Twirls to great big bars of Dairy Milk with a zesty twist, it’s been all about the fruity flavour infusion. But now, mint chocolate is set to de-throne orange as the ‘it flavour’ of the month, with Cadbury launching their chocolate buttons and their chocolate fingers in mint iterations.

First teased by top foodie Instagram accounts such as @kevssnackreviews in May, the trending snacks have been on our radar for a while now. But the new Cadbury mint chocolate creations have now finally launched, leaving chocolate fans delighted.

The reviews so far are overwhelmingly positive too, with accounts like @newfoodsuk loving the buttons. ‘Ahh so excited Cadbury’s have released mint buttons, finally more mint products are coming out! Hats off to Cadbury, these are amazing,’ they wrote.

cadbury mint chocolate fingers

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Chocolate Fingers, £1.50, Tesco

Later, sharing a snap of the Mint Chocolate Fingers, they also wrote: ‘So excited these are finally out – we are huge mint choc lovers and these are just perfect – we are addicted!’

Unfortunately Kevs Snack Reviews’ review was not as glowing, with the food blogger writing: ‘As excited as I was these were a bit of a letdown. The mint flavour mixed with the sweet Dairy Milk came across as rather sickly and didn’t blend well. I think they’d have worked better as a dark chocolate Bournville variety (which I believe they used to make years ago!) Overall, not for me. 5/10.’

Cadbury mint chocolate buttonsCadbury Dairy Milk Mint Chocolate Buttons, £1, Tesco

Both of the new Cadbury mint chocolate creations are available in Tesco stores now; the buttons are just £1 a bag and the chocolate fingers £1.50 per pack.

Also new in the world of Cadbury is their Twisted buttons, which combine both white chocolate and milk chocolate in cute, multi-coloured rounds. They are now available to buy in Asda for just £1 a pack.