Cadbury is launching three new flavoured bars — but you can only pick one

It’s the news we all desperately need right now: new chocolate is arriving. Cadbury has launched its 2020 Inventor Competition, where three finalists have been given the chance to bring their dream flavoured chocolate bars to life. All three will go on sale this month, and in September, a winner will be announced after those who’ve tried the bars vote for their favourite. This number one pick will then become a permanent addition to the Cadbury range. 

This year, there’s some serious competition, with three options promising to tantalise your taste buds. They are:

Gillian’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Coconutty

Gillian’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Coconutty

Created in honour of her children’s love for coconut and chocolate together, Gillian, who hails from Northern Ireland, created this masterpiece. It’s made from milk chocolate, and has coconut crumble and white crisp pearls.

‘My children and I are big fans of white chocolate and coconut,’ she said. ‘After realising there aren’t that many white chocolate options in chocolate bars, the combination of coconut and white chocolate was formed to appeal to fresh coconut lovers who are dreaming of a tropical paradise this summer!’

Shannon’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchy Honeycomb

Student Shannon created this bar thanks to her love of honeycomb and caramel. It sounds delicious, with milk chocolate, crunchy honeycomb pieces, caramel flavoured fudge and chopped hazelnuts.

‘I’ve always had a love for honeycomb and caramel, which are my two favourite flavours,’ the 19-year-old declared. ‘The mix of golden honeycomb pieces and caramel flavoured fudge add that extra sweet flavour to the bar. Finally, with the addition of an extra crunch, chopped hazelnuts, I knew a winning bar was formed!’

Taylor’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Out Of The Blueberry

Taylor wanted to do something with blueberries as her son is a big fan. This interesting-looking bar has milk chocolate, blueberry flavoured nuggets, and white crisp pearls.

Taylor said: ‘my eldest son is completely obsessed with blueberries and white chocolate – his love of the two inspired me to create the Out of the Blueberry bar. The blend of sweet white chocolate and mouth-watering blueberries complement the milk chocolate to make a yummy snack for all to enjoy.’

You can get your hands on all three of the flavours from 8th July, exclusively at Tesco, before the bars roll out to all supermarkets on the 22nd. You can vote for your favourite at until 6th September, before the winner is announced shortly afterwards.