Cadbury’s Easter range for 2020 includes an orange Bournville Easter egg

If you’re a fan of a chocolate orange, brace yourself for the best news of 2020 so far. Cadbury has unveiled its Easter range for 2020, and it contains a orange Bourneville Easter egg that we’re going to need to sample immediately.

The fruity twist on a classic is brand new for 2020, and joins old favourites like Dairy Milk on the shelves – it’s a great option for anyone who prefers their chocolate on the darker side.

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Not into orange? There’s also a glossily-packaged, albeit slightly smaller plain Bourneville Easter egg up for grabs. And these two genius creations aren’t the only treats to get excited about this year.

orange Bournville Easter egg

Cadbury Bourneville Orange Egg, RRP £8,

Bournville Easter egg

Cadbury Bourneville Heritage Egg, RRP £3.99

The much-hyped Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs tins will also be arriving in a supermarket near you in the near future, priced at £6 per piece. The former contains eight Cadbury Creme Eggs and one Cadbury Mini Creme Egg bag, while the latter is stuffed with 10 Mini Egg bags – plenty to keep you going through April and beyond.

creme egg tin

Cadbury Creme Egg Gift Tin, RRP £6

mini egg tin

Cadbury Mini Eggs Gift Tin, RRP £6

Following the success of Cadbury’s ‘Inventor’ campaign, a contest which saw the public suggest delicious flavour combos like Raspberry Shortcake and ‘Simply The Zest’, Cadbury has also transformed the winning flavour into a 545g egg.

The Choca-latte – think Cadbury chocolate with a hit of milky, sweet coffee and crunchy biscuit pieces – egg comes with two sharing bars as well as the traditional giant Dairy Milk shell.

cadbury choca-latte egg

Cadbury Dairy Milk Choca-Latte Giant Easter Egg, RRP: £11.99

Then there’s an update you may have already have seen, as the internet lit up with excitement when shoppers first began to spot them in stores. Fry’s, a name which also comes under the Cadbury umbrella, is offering two nostalgic eggs for Easter 2020 – Chocolate Cream and Turkish delight.

frys chocolate cream Easter egg

Fry’s Chocolate Cream and Turkish Delight Easter eggs, RRP £3.99

As if this wasn’t enough, there’s other novel delights like Darkmilk Easter eggs, hollow chocolate rabbits with space for personalisation and vanilla mousse and Dairy Milk orange-flavoured bunny rabbits still to come, and to be honest, our only problem is deciding what to taste first.

However, the whole collection is hitting shops across the nation now, so we might end up sampling a couple of the launches prior to Easter Sunday itself. For quality control only, you understand.