Cadbury’s Dream bar is back in the UK, but only at one high street store

If you remember Cadbury Dream, the deliciously creamy white chocolate bar the confectioner brought out in 2002, you’ll remember the hysteria that ensued when it was discontinued and disappeared from British supermarket shelves and corner shops forever.

Cadbury Dream UK

Despite people’s best efforts, the Dream bar has never been relaunched in the UK, however it has continued to be sold in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa ever since. Considering the huge demand for the white choccie goodness from us Brits, we have no idea why Cadbury never officially brought it back, but the good news is that the elusive bar can in fact be found in B&M stores right now.

That’s right, the Dream bar has been spotted down the aisles of British budget retailer B&M. First sighted by food blogger @johnssnackreviews, he posted to Instagram to alert his followers to the new product. Retailing at £2.99, the foodie reviewer mentioned in his caption that Brits could previously only buy the 180g Dream bars for at least £5.99 plus postage via online retailers such as GB Gifts, so this is a very welcome addition to B&M’s offering. for chocoholics everywhere.

He then took to reviewing the bar, his verdict being: ‘9/10 – oooshhhh this for me is nicer than Cadbury white! It’s so creamy and how white chocolate should be! My only concern is the mass fat & sugar content! Per 4 squares was 9g fat, 5g saturated and 15g sugar! But…we’re not allowed go fill ya boots!’

Sadly, this doesn’t mean Cadbury hs relaunched Dream here in the UK; these are imported bars from down under, so there’s no telling how long stocks will last. If you want to get your hands on a bar (or six), you’ll have to find your way to your nearest B&M store as the retailer doesn’t sell anything online.

The introduction of the Dream bar at B&M is accompanied by other Cadbury Dairy Milk varieties previously unavailable in the UK – look out for Top Deck (milk chocolate topped with Dream white chocolate), Moro (milk chocolate with chocolate malt flavoured creme and smooth flowing caramel) and Crispy Mint Creme (milk chocolate with mint flavoured creme and crispy mint pieces), too.