The price of Cadbury’s build-your-own chocolate Easter cottage has been reduced

Move over gingerbread houses, there’s another edible house on the market. Cadbury has brought back its build-your-own chocolate cottage complete with Mini Eggs just in time for Easter, so now we can combine our favourite Cadbury treats in one edible house.

The building kit includes two 200g Dairy Milk bars, two 95g Dairy Milk bars, and two 100g Dairy Milk Spring Edition bars. There are also two 14.5g portions of white buttons and one treatsize bag of Mini Eggs for decoration (or if you’re like us, snacks during the construction process).

Cadbury chocolate Easter cottage

The Dairy Milk Spring bars are supposed to be used for the roof and feature mini white chocolate bunnies to add that extra Easter touch.

Unfortunately, you won’t find the cottage kit in your supermarket, but it can be bought from Cadbury Gifts Direct for £12 at the moment. The usual price of the chocolate cottage is £16, so it’s worth buying ahead at this reduced price.

Putting this chocolate house together makes a great afternoon activity on Easter day. Chocolate lovers have been pretty excited about the product, although some people weren’t sure how they’d be able to resist eating the treats before getting to the building part.

Cadbury chocolate Easter cottage

One person on Facebook wrote: ‘The Easter bunny needs to bring me this house to go with my festive house making… the only problem is that I would be eating it as I’m making it.’

Another said: ‘Don’t think this would end up a cottage, it will all be in my belly before building it.’ Yep, we have to agree on that one.

Another Easter treat from Cadbury this year is the launch of a Creme Egg hunt, where players could win a massive £10,000 prize! Find out more about the competition here.

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