Buckingham Palace may have accidentally revealed the royal baby’s name

Earlier this month Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed that details around the birth of their first child will initially remain very private,  but now some eagle-eyed royal watchers are claiming to know what the baby’s name will be.

Despite no information regarding Baby Sussex being announced, fans of the family who’ve done their research are guessing that the newest royal could be named Arthur, James or Alexander, also suggesting it could be a boy.

royal baby's name
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How do they know? Well, prominent figures of the royal family are each given their own website, accessible by a URL that corresponds with their name. The page shares a brief summary of the monarch, often detailing their charity work, royal engagements, and titles.

For example, mum-to-be Meghan’s Duchess of Sussex page can be found at www.royal.uk/duchess-sussex.

But if you were to add a made up royal name like ‘Princess North’ it would take you to a page saying ‘page not found’, indicating the fact that Princess North is not real.

This is significant because Daily Star claims that if you were to type in the similar URLs for names such as Prince Arthur, Prince James, or Prince Alexander, you will not be taken to a ‘page not found’ page, but rather redirected to the homepage of the website – therefore suggesting that these three pages may be reserved as possible options for Meghan and Harry’s new arrival. 

So, have the digital team at Buckingham Palace unintentionally revealed the baby’s sex and name by accident before it has even been born?

Responding to the claims, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman told the tabloid: ‘A large number of search term redirects were set up some time ago on royal.uk. This was in order to improve user experience.’

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According to Oddchecker, the most popular boy’s name for Baby Sussex that people are betting on at William Hill is Arthur 12/1 and James 16/1.

While bettings on girls names is soaring, with Alice 12/1, Victoria 14/1, Elizabeth 20/1, Alexandra 20/1, Grace 8/1 and of course after Harry’s late month Diana 4/1 all frontrunners.

Either way, the baby will be seventh in line for the throne – but contrary to popular belief, he or she may not be a prince or princess.

Because of King George V’s 1917’s decree, only the oldest son of the Prince of Wales’s oldest son, Prince George, would be entitled to be styled His Royal Highness and a Prince.

However, the Queen revoked this in 2012 and issued new Letters Patent, which meant all of William and Kate’s children would hold the title of HRH and would be styled as princes and princesses.

Currently, the Queen’s ruling does not apply to Prince Harry’s children, so if it’s a boy, he will be styled as Earl of Dumbarton, and if it’s a girl, she will be styled as a ‘Lady’, similar to Prince Edward’s daughter title: Lady Louise.