Millions of women are brushing their hair wrong and you could be too

Brushing your hair is probably one of those things that you barely pay attention to, mindlessly picking up the closest hairbrush in sight and quickly pulling it through your tresses until you feel knot free before moving on with your day.

However, it turns out that we should in fact be paying a bit more attention to how we brush our hair and what with, as millions of women are doing it wrong, and causing long-term damage in the process.

The biggest offending hair brushing behaviours include using the wrong hairbrush for your hair type, combing too hard, ripping out knots and starting from the scalp. Others include using an old hairbrush, sharing it with others and using the same hairbrush for all tasks.

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These insights were discovered through a study of 2,000 women by Tangle Teezer, where they found that more than 4 in 10 women admitted to being aware that some of their actions damage their hair, such as from heat or brushing too hard.

Apparently half of us brush our hair from the scalp downwards (a big no-no as this causes you to pull at the hair and rip through knots rather than gently working through them from the bottom up), while three quarters of women use the same hairbrush for all aspects of their hair care. Just as you own different make-up brushes for different tasks, experts claim that different combs and tools should be used for different hair tasks, depending on whether it’s wet, tangled or being blow-dried.

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In fact, its a compete myth that you shouldn’t brush your hair when it’s wet, you just need to opt for a brush specifically designed for combing out wet hair.

Tangle Teezer’s founder and inventor Shaun P said: ‘It’s worrying to see just how many women are brushing their hair incorrectly and causing unnecessary damage to their hair. No matter what the hair texture, it’s important to use an intelligent hairbrush which is gentle.’

He continued: ‘It’s also concerning that women are using one brush for all tasks, a good way to look at this is you wouldn’t use a foundation brush to apply blusher, so why use a detangling brush to blow dry hair?’

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The founder added: ‘No matter how tempting it is to pull or cut knots, it’s always best to use a detangling hairbrush.’

But seeing as more than half of women admit they don’t actually know whether they’re using the right brush for their hair type, Tangle Teezer have developed a short quiz to find out if you’re really brushing your hair correctly. Our eyes have been opened.