Brits spend £9,000 a year on items we don’t use, says study

It’s no secret that some of the things we spend out money on sometimes go to waste, be it an unwanted online order we missed the return deadline for or some fruit or vegetables that went off before we got a chance to eat them all. It happens. But just how much money do we actually waste on things like this on average? Turns out, it’s a lot.

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New research has highlighted that British households waste up to £9,051 a year on clothes that never see the light of day, food that goes uneaten and toiletries simply sit in our bathroom cabinets and gather dust for years.

The results were concluded after Lottoland conducted a survey of 2,000 people and it was revealed that one fifth of them admitted they buy things on impulse which they end up never actually using.

In fact, almost a quarter of the participants in the poll explained that they were impulsive with money because they believed they were getting a good deal at the time, while one in 10 admitted they actually got a ‘high’ from spontaneous spending – something we’re sure many of us can relate to.

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The research pointed out that the most wasteful purchases were made on food and drinks such as takeaways, bottled water and kitchen cupboard essentials which made up £2,026 of the annual sum, unworn clothes which took up £733, unused beauty products for £544  beauty products and £526 on toiletries. An addition £628 goes on TV packages while £528 is wasted on unused mobile phone credit and £1064 goes down the drain on CDs, DVDs and computer games we never actually use.

The findings back up the fact that food waste is one of the biggest environmental issues in the UK. In facts, The Soil Association recently revealed that he average household throws away 20-30% of the food they buy every week. As a result, supermarket chains across the country such as Tesco’s have put initiatives in place to reduce their own food waste.