Britain’s favourite seaside town has just been revealed

The UK is known for its many seaside towns, both north and south of the country. And while we may not have the most exotic weather, there are certainly other ways to make your British beach trips worth while this summer. But with so many options, which is truly the best to visit?

Britain's favourite seaside town
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According to an annual travel report by Which?, Britain’s favourite seaside town is Bamburgh in Northumberland. That’s right, the small, remote village came out on top of the list despite plenty of strong opposition from popular southern towns such as Devon and Cornwall, and with good reason.

Bamburgh, which is known for not only its unspoiled shores but its rich history, thanks to its beautifully ancient castles, was voted as the winner because of the quality of its food, beach and seafront, as well as its overall air of peacefulness and its value for money, with the average hotel in the village priced at just £92 per night.

The results for Which?‘s travel report came after the publication survey over 3,000 people and asked them which seaside town they had visited most recently. The researchers soon discovered that the visitors showed the most interest in Bamburgh. However, other destinations including the aforementioned Devon and Cornwall were also in demand, while Suffolk and Fife in Scotland were also strong contenders.

Britain's favourite seaside town
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But taking second place right behind Bamburgh was Portmeirion in Wales, which won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has visited the Italian Riviera-inspired beach town. In fact, this one just one of the Welsh destinations that made the top 20 on the list, making it clear that we all enjoy a local getaway to Wales.

The top 10 favourite seaside towns in the UK

  1. Bamburgh, Northumberland
  2. Portmeirion, Wales
  3. Dartmouth, Devon
  4. North Berwick, East Lothian
  5. St Mawes, Cornwall
  6. Beer, Devon
  7. St Andrews, Fife
  8. Aldeburgh, Suffolk
  9. Southwold, Suffolk
  10. Tenby, Pembrokeshire