Boots has just unveiled a new range of hair tools by celebrity hairstylist George Northwood

Back in February, beauty director Edwina Ings-Chambers met with hairdresser to the stars George Northwood to learn all about his brand new salon-quality haircare line that promised to help us achieve his signature ‘undone’ look by ourselves.

Relaxed, loose, effortless, George Northwood is famed for his technique and was even responsible for the evening up-do sported by the Duchess of Sussex on her wedding day. He’s also worked with the likes of Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Rachel Weisz to create some of the biggest moments in hairstory.

Now, unveiling a brand new range of Undone by George Northwood hair tools at Boots, it’s about to become even easier to recreate George’s signature, low-maintenance looks from home. That’s right, following the exclusive launch of the Undone by George Northwood haircare line in February, the arrival of this new trio of hair tools is set to change the game.

Undone by George Northwood

Straighten or Wave It Flat Iron, £55, Boots

Undone by George Northwood

Curl It Tongs, £65, Boots 

Undone by George Northwood

Blow Dry It Hairdryer, £65, Boots

To celebrate the launch, George has even revealed his secrets for recreating his iconic ‘undone’ waves. Follow George’s five foolproof five steps below:

  1. ‘Start by prepping the hair with the Unpolluted Shampoo to give it a deep cleanse, getting rid of any product build up and creating a fresh slate for styling.’
  2. ‘It’s important to get the symmetry around the face right, and you can do this by tonging the hair away from the face in different directions. Take a small section of your hair and lightly spray it with Wave Holding Spray then place the Curling Tong underneath the hair and wrap the hair around the barrel so the wave will set away from your face . Repeat on the other side of the face but in the opposite direction by placing the tong on top of the hair and again tong away from the face.’
  3. ‘The most common mistake when creating waves is making the curl too tight. Remember, when your hair cools it will begin to set, so once you’ve completed your tonging pull the wave straight so that it sets as a looser wave.”
  4. ‘Leave the root and the end of your hair out of the tong as this gives a more natural wave. Don’t worry too much about your hair being uniform at the back, tong in different directions for a relaxed feel as though you’ve just rolled out of bed with perfect waves, that aren’t too over styled.’
  5. ‘Finish with Moisturising Cream to reduce frizz and give it a finishing shine.’

Get 3 for 2 across Undone by George Northwood online at Boots here