This £15 sleep salt soak from Boots sold five months of stock in one week

You’re not alone if you’ve had trouble catching more than a few winks during the pandemic. Stress and anxiety can have damaging effects on sleep and the past year hasn’t been without the two. While there’s a wide range of pillow sprays, sleep masks and bath salts said to help you relax and eventually nod off, it’s hard to know what actually works.

That said, one product that has caught out attention is Aroma Active Laboratories’ Sleep Salt Soak. The £15 find was a huge hit when it launched in November 2020 and completely sold out online at Boots. At its peak, the new wellness brand sold one product a minute. In just a week, that is the equivalent of five months’ worth of stock!

But it’s not only a hit with the everyday sleep-deprived. Influencer and makeup artist Jamie Genevieve described the salts as ‘so incredible’ in a YouTube video, catching the attention of her 982k subscribers.

Right, so what’s so special about it? The brand describes the product as ‘a relaxing salt soak to calm your body and mind for a good night’s sleep.’ The sleep soak, which is stocked at Boots, is made up of a relaxing blend of essential oils. Lavandin contains Linalool and Linalyl Acetate known to promote relaxation, according to Aroma Active Laboratories. It also contains Buddhawood, which is known to have a calming effect that promotes balance. Valerian is widely used to promote good quality sleep, and Ylang Ylang is known for its sleep benefits.

To get the desired sleepy feeling from the soak, shake before use and then sprinkle a handful into warm running water.

Boots sleep soak

Aroma Active Laboratories Sleep Salt Soak, £15, Boots

Out of 10 reviews on the Boots website, nine people gave the product five stars and one person awarded it four stars.

One fan wrote: ‘Even before I get in the bath the salts fill my house with the most beautiful, calming scent. Once in, you are completely transported – body, mind and soul into the most relaxing state… Good for tense muscles too.’

This could seriously be worth a try if you’re struggling to get to sleep!