Boots will now be available on Deliveroo for medicine and makeup

Deliveroo has become a big part of our lives in the past 18 months especially. Ordering a takeaway brings joy to the hardest of times, particularly if you’re not feeling well enough to cook, as many of us won’t have done during peak Covid times. And now, the food delivery app is expanding to offer other goods, including the likes of medicine and even makeup from Boots.

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As part of a pilot scheme in certain cities and towns, Boots will be offering over 400 goods on the app, including cold and flu medication, hay fever products, baby products and makeup, if you’re really in need prior to a night out or big event!

If you’re keen to get on the app and order some goodies ASAP, you’ll need to be in one of the 14 cities that are taking part in the initial trial. These include London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Brighton, Cambridge, Croydon, Leeds, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Newcastle and Southampton.

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As mentioned, while some makeup will be available, the Boots offering on the app will mainly feature items for those who are ill and cannot easily leave their home, along with things that parents may need, according to Paula Bobbett, the director of Boots UK’s website.

Speaking about the new development, Bobbett said their team was ‘very excited about this new partnership with Deliveroo,’ and that ‘the partnership could expand to more Boots stores in future if the pilot stores are successful.’

The full list of Boots stores with Deliveroo service:

Birmingham – High Street
Brighton – North Street
Cambridge – Petty Curry
Croydon – Whitgift Centre
Edinburgh – Princes Street
Leeds – Trinity
Liverpool – Clayton Square
London – Brent Cross, Croydon Whitgift Centre, Liverpool Street Station and Piccadilly Circus
Milton Keyes – Crown Walk
Newcastle – Eldon Square
Nottingham – Victoria Centre
Southampton – Above Bar Street

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It became available from 24 August, so you can access the service now if you have the Deliveroo app.