Boots’ new eco-friendly tights are turning plastic bottles into hosiery

Eco-conscious fashion choices are becoming more and more the norm these days and now Boots are about to make it even easier to make sustainable wardrobe additions in the form of their new range of eco-friendly tights.

Each pair is made from approximately four plastic bottles, with the British high street stalwart is promising to save 86,000 bottles from polluting our environment every year in the process.


The humble tights are in fact one of the most polluting items of clothing in our wardrobes: being made from nylon, they require a great deal of heat and energy to produce and when washed they release microplastics into the water. To top it off, their delicate nature and tendency to ladder (or put a toe through) means we bought a whopping 225 million pairs just last year in the UK alone, acording to Eco-Age. With that in mind, Boots’ Eco-Tights will be a very welcome addition to our hosiery drawer.

Cleverly, they’re made by shredding the plastic bottles into microparticles and melting down before spinning into yarn, which is then knitted into comfortable, durable tights without a shred of highly-polluting nylon in sight.

Boots Eco-Tights

Eco-Tights, £8.50, Boots

While there have been many premium and eco-friendly tights offerings popping up on the hosiery landscape recently, few come as affordable as Boots’ sustainable Eco-Tights, which come in at a cheerful £8.50 a pair. They’ll only be available in black 80 denier for now, but they do come in a range of sizes, from S-XL.

It comes as no surprise that the retailer is investing in more eco-conscious products – just last year Boots switched all its carrier bags from plastic to paper and even introduced refillable water stations to some of its stores, another attempt to crack down on single-use plastic water bottle consumption.

The Eco-Tights are available on now and will hit stores on 16th March.