You can support independent bookshops across the country by shopping on this new website

It’s been reported that the nation ‘rediscovered the pleasure of reading’ during the first lockdown of the year, with sales of books soaring as we all stayed home and got lost within their pages. But despite the surge, independent bookshops are, like so many other small businesses, struggling to stay afloat during these difficult times.

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Enter, a new initiative designed to support those stores and still keep your online shopping experience as easy and convenient as it would be with a huge retailer like Amazon.

Founded by writer Andy Hunter of The Literary Hub, the website, which launched at the beginning of November, is will financially support small bookshops across the UK in one of two ways.

If you want to find a specific local bookshop to support, you can find them on the store locator map and they’ll receive the full profit from your order. Otherwise, your order will contribute to an earnings pool that will be evenly distributed among the independent bookshops who are participating in the initiative.

With another period of lockdown ahead, physical bookshops will once again be forced to close as they are classed as non-essential. But unlike last time, now offers the perfect place to show your solidarity with independent outlets and pick up the next must-reads for your shelf (or start your Christmas shopping now that you can’t head to the high street in person).

In America, has already been a huge success, with Metro revealing that it was selling around $1M worth of books a day back in June.

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In a very short space of time, it’s already raised upwards of £22,000, and it’s hoped that this is only the beginning.

‘We hope that can help strengthen the fragile ecosystem and margins around bookselling and keep local bookshops an integral part of our culture and communities,’ the website says.

To place your order, head to