You can now stay at a hotel made entirely of chocolate for just £45

Chocolate lovers, rejoice. Your wildest dreams have been made into a reality as a new hotel made entirely out of chocolate has just launched.

That’s right, say hello to The Chocolate Cottage – a French hotel designed and manufactured by Jean-Luc Decluzeau, the renowned artisan chocolatier who specialises in chocolate sculptures.

The cottage has been carefully built out of approximately 1.5 tons of chocolate and no, it doesn’t just sound like something straight out of a fairytale, but it looks the part too. In fact, every detail of the cottage is made with chocolate – from the walls and roof to the fireplace, dresser, clock, cups, books and even a chocolate chandelier. We repeat, a chocolate chandelier!

If that isn’t the stuff dreams are made of, then we don’t know what is. But the fun doesn’t stop there – there is also a white chocolate duck pond and a flowerbed made entirely out of chocolate. And for those wondering – yes, many of the delectable items in the cottage are actually edible, so you’ll have all the chocolate your heart desires ready at your fingertips.

Located in the gardens of the Cité de la Céramique in Sèvres, near Paris, the cottage can sleep up to four people and is available to book for just £45 a night on And with discounted Eurostar prices on offer at the moment, you can travel to Paris for just £25. So if ever there was a time to plan a trip to the chocolate cottage, this is it. In fact, it almost seems wrong not to.

However, as you can expect, availability at the chocolate hotel is very limited (turns out we’re all keen chocoholics) so make sure you book your own stay before sharing the news with your friends and family – it’s a dog eat dog world, especially when chocolate is on the cards.