The one thing you shouldn’t forget if you’re booking a holiday in the January sales

January is the start of the new year which means a fresh start and the perfect time to set yourself a new batch of goals and achievements for the year ahead. For many of us, that naturally means plotting new trips to explore the world.

booking a holiday in the January sales
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And luckily, the first year of the month is not only when we fantasise about travel the most (no thanks to the cold, dark climate that comes along with it in the UK) but it is also the best time to book a holiday, financially, with plenty of travel operators offering major sales.

Plus, as pointed out by money saving expert Martin Lewis, January is the best month to invest in travel insurance – a key factor that may holidaymakers forget to purchase altogether.

Explaining the importance of travel insurance, he said: ‘We need to be blunt. Every year, someone emails us something like ‘I’ve just found I’ve got cancer, I’ve treatment lasting three months, I’m due to go on holiday, but they won’t refund me.”‘

‘It’s upsetting and frustrating but is exactly what travel insurance is for.’

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The best time to get travel insurance is always the same time you’re booking your holiday. So if you’re making the most of January travel sales to book your spring or summer holiday (which many of us do), then be sure to buy your travel insurance at the same time.

That way, you will be covered from the moment you have it booked until the date you jet off, meaning you will be refunded if something happens that could prevent you from going. The sooner you sort it, the better.

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