This hair growth brand is receiving rave reviews online – and you can buy it at Boots

Social media is completely swamped with tips and tricks on how to make your hair look and feel healthier, thicker and longer. From vitamin boosting hair tablets to ‘miracle’ products, we’ve seen it all. However, one particular product seems to be getting all of the attention at the moment – and rightly so.

Bondi Boost, an Australian company, has soared in popularity thanks to its Growth Shampoo and Conditioner and Intensive Growth Spray. The products have received rave reviews for their fast and impressive results, with many customers claiming they’ve become ‘obsessed’ with them.

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Some great results from @thirteenhairspa after using our HG Range.😍 "I am the owner of Thirteen Hair Spa and had a lot of friends and clients asking if I know much about Bondi Boost and what I thought of the products. Having tried A LOT of other brands (claiming to thicken and grow my hair), I was sceptical but decided I'd give it a go to give them honest feedback! I am blown away with the results so far! Not only has my hair grown and thickened up, it feels the healthiest ever!!" ​ Purchased recently? Comment your experience good or bad below & you’ll automatically go in the daily draw to WIN a BondiBoost Hair Growth Bundle valued at $150 🎉 Winner drawn every single weekday! #BondiBoost #BoostYourRoots✨

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One online reviewer even shared a before and after picture, praising the shampoo and conditioner for doing wonders to her hair. ‘I was sceptical at first, but Bondi Boost truly speaks for itself,’ she wrote on the post shared by the brand on their Instagram page. ‘The results I have experienced are amazing and your products does wonders for my hair….’

The products are made with various essential oils including argan, peppermint and rosemary – all of which are great for the hair. ‘Our Growth Shampoo & Conditioner range is formulated with the good stuff – no nasties parabens or sulphates here,’ the brand’s website reads. ‘Free from nasty sulphates, parabens, ethoxylates, paragons, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, phthalates, DEA and artificial colours.’

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Thanks to @sweetlittlestory for the lovely review and before/after pics 💯 ~ "Having a baby (or three!!) changes A LOT! For one, every teensy, little aspect of your whole, entire life is never ever the same (🤪😝!!) but I didn’t realise your hair could be transformed overnight too! Giving birth to my crazy second baby, Romeo, gave me crazy hair too! Ohh, that boy has not only changed every single thing I thought I ever knew about parenting (or life in general!) but birthing him somehow changed the actual texture of my hair! It went from straight and soft and silky to thick and frizzy and fluffy!! And then, since having my third babe, Sonny, I have spiky tufts in the front, too! Aahhh the joys!😭 But the transformations haven’t stopped there! The HG range from @bondiboost is helping to tame these tresses from spiky to silky once again 🙌🏻 And swipe to see my before and after results!!!…" Purchased recently? Comment your experience, good or bad below & you’ll automatically go in the daily draw to WIN a BondiBoost Hair Growth Bundle valued at $150 🎉 Winner drawn every single weekday! #BondiBoost #BoostYourRoots

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Another satisfied customer also shared an image on Instagram, writing: ‘Bondi Boost has literally changed my hair life………it makes my hair actually feel clean….. the breakage is almost completely gone……my hair dries 50% less frizzy compared to what it used to. Silky hair for the rest of my life now! Ps I use the shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, elixir oil and the root spray as recommended.’


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Bondi Boost, Growth Shampoo & Conditioner, £22.50 each, Boots

Bondi Boost products are currently available at Boots, where they’ve also racked up a loyal following of fans who love their impressive effects. They may cost £22.50 per bottle, but from the sounds of the reaction, they might just be worth the investment.