This £18 Body Shop bronzing oil is being hailed as a dupe for a £46 product

Every beauty junkie knows that products with a little shimmer are essential if you want to cheat your way to sun-kissed skin. Whether you’re already blessed with a tan that you want to top up, or starting completely from scratch, using a bronzing oil is an easy way to  feel hydrated and glowing in a matter of minutes.

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil
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Rihanna-owned beauty brand Fenty caused a stir earlier this year year when they launched Body Lava, an ‘all-over body luminizer’ which was met with rave reviews across the board. However, those who couldn’t quite stretch to the £46 price tag have been searching for a more affordable alternative – and now they claim to have found one, at none other than The Body Shop.

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil
The Body Shop

Savvy shoppers claim that the store’s Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, which costs £18 for 100ml, is a dead ringer for the more expensive Fenty version, and they are singing its praises across both The Body Shop website and social media.

‘Very silky, non greasy and leaves no stains. It gives my skin a brilliant tone and softness,’ wrote one reviewer, whilst another agreed: ‘I love this product and I use a very small amount daily on my face which instantly brightens and moisturises my skin. I also use this product to create healthier looking skin on my arms and legs when they are on show. I could not live without this product.’

The Body Shop describe their bronzing oil, which is made with Community Trade honey, as a ‘non-greasy formula delivers a warm hint of shimmering colour’, which will enhance your natural tan.

The only bad news? Honey Bronze has proved so popular since attention was drawn to the similarity that it’s currently out of stock online in both shades – so you’ll find us in store searching for a bottle shortly…