B&M’s new boho homeware has received over 28,000 likes on Instagram

The modern boho look is one of 2021’s biggest homeware and interiors trends. Made up of layered soft textures, natural materials, earthy tones and a healthy dose of rattan, the look is perfect for now as it evokes a sense of calm, tranquillity and grounding. Just a quick scroll through Instagram will prove the boho aesthetic is very much the one to go for, whether you’re thinking of redecorating or just looking to add a few new home furnishings to your abode.

Luckily, you don’t need to stretch the purse strings to afford to buy into the trend. B&M, known for its budget prices, created a frenzy on Instagram yesterday when a picture was posted to the brand’s account showing shelves upon shelves of boho-inspired items.

Receiving a staggering 28,000 likes in less than 24 hours, people raced to share their love of the new range, dubbed Boho Desert, in the comments, saying ‘how lovely is this stuff’, ‘my rattan heaven’ and ‘I want to live in this aisle’ (steady on).

Including cushions, candles, mirrors, lamps, wall hangings, throws and more, the B&M boho homeware range starts from just £1.50 and will go rather nicely with the brand’s recent rattan furniture range.

It’s not hard to see why shoppers are running, not walking, to their local B&M store to get hold of a piece of the range. As always, B&M doesn’t sell online so you too will have to join the queue at your local store to see what they have in stock.

Shop B&M boho homeware

textured cushion

Sahara Tassel Cushion, £10, B&M

round cane mirror

Swirl Cane Mirror, £20, B&M

rattan table lamp

Heidi Table Lamp, £15, B&M

face candle

Face Candle, £5, B&M


Eye Dream Catcher, £5, B&M

mustard throw

Mandala Embossed Throw, £6, B&M

eye mirror

Hanging Wooden Eye Mirror, £6, B&M

trinket dish

Star Trinket Dish, £1.50, B&M

natural tassel cushion

Pandora Cushion, £10, B&M

tassel blush throw

Tufted With Tassels Throw, £12, B&M

fringe basket

Fringe Wicker Basket, £5, B&M