This is why brunettes are investing in blue shampoo

If you’re a blonde (bottle or otherwise), you’ve probably had a colour balancing shampoo in your collection for years. Known for its ability to counterbalance any ‘yellow’ tones in fair hair, purple or ‘silver’ shampoo has long been a staple treatment to keep any brassiness at bay.

But what about brunettes? Well, experts say that blue shampoo could bring about a similarly vibrant effect.


‘In the same way that blonde hair can turn brassy, brunette hair is also prone to oxidizing which can bring out orange or red tones,’ explains Ken O’ Rourke, brand ambassador for Charles Worthington, who recently launched a blue toning shampoo as part of their Colourplex collection.

‘If you’d like to keep your brown hair cool, I’d recommend using a blue toning shampoo once a week or alternating it with your regular shampoo if needed.

‘My top tip is to rub the shampoo between the palms of your hands to help ensure an even distribution when you apply it to the hair.’

The science behind the blue shampoo, is essentially the science of the colour wheel. The product contains blue pigments, which work to neutralise any warmer tones in your strands – even if your hair is natural rather than dyed or highlighted. When you add blue shampoo to your regular washing routine, you should find that you uncover a cooler, deeper shade of brunette that looks gorgeous and glossy long-term.

‘I’ve been recommending Violet Toning Shampoo to blondes for years, so I’m thrilled that brunettes finally have a toning shampoo which is available to them on the high street,’ says Ken. ‘It really makes such a different in between salon appointments.’

The best blue shampoos to buy now

Charles Worthington ColourPlex toning blue shampoo, £7.99, Boots
Color Enhance Blue Malva Shampoo, £36, Aveda

Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo, £12.75, allbeauty