Bloom & Wild’s customer trends reveal we cared more than ever last year

Ah, flowers. Whether we give them to say ‘congrats’ or ‘sorry’ or ‘I love you’, they’re the gift we can always count on to express ourselves.

Sadly, we haven’t been able to see much of our loved ones in the past year due to lockdown restrictions. But that hasn’t stopped us from sending flowers. In fact, Bloom & Wild revealed some of the customer trends they saw in 2020 and we were amazed but not surprised by how many people have kept up a correspondence with family and friends through the medium of flowers instead.

Though lockdown has often felt terribly long and dreary, the brand reported that flowers were sent to 162,000 people to ‘brighten’ their days, with the word becoming the most used term in its gift cards.

The most popular reasons to send Bloom & Wild bouquets:

  • 780,000 were sent ‘just because’
  • 390,000 were sent to say ‘thank you’
  • 342,000 were delivered to show support

And you’re not alone if you’ve been feeling a bit soppier recently, either. Who can blame us when we’ve spent the last year navigating a pandemic? According to Bloom & Wild, however, there has been an increase in the number of sweet sentiments we’ve all been writing in the gift cards to our loved ones. Over 2,300 people were told they were ‘amazing’, while nearly 6,350 people sent flowers to their ‘Queen’.

It’s no surprise (but totally heart-warming) to know over 99,000 people also sent ‘hugs’ in the post, as due to COVID restrictions, they couldn’t hug each other in person.

It was also wonderful to learn that nearly 50,000 women sent promotion bouquets to another woman, and almost 15,000 customers celebrated the ‘superwoman’ in their lives. You deserve it, ladies!

If you would like to send flowers to a special someone, Bloom & Wild have recently made it even easier to do so by launching their flowers into Sainsbury’s supermarkets or you can place an order with one of these letterbox flower delivery services.