Argos predicts surprising new interiors trend, as black sofa sales soar

When talking about interiors, we often focus on the idea of keeping things light, bright and airy. This leads many people to avoid using dark colours, under the belief they will make a space feel small, dark and suffocating.

However, dark colours used in the right way can bring a moody sense of opulence and luxuriousness – and Argos has noticed a trend towards this way of thinking.

Sales of the Habitat Jackson velvet sofas in black (sold via Argos) have skyrocketed in the last year, suggesting an increasing move towards touches of darkness in home interiors.

Rachael Fell, Habitat buying manager of furniture, says that dark upholstery sales are rising. ‘Our Habitat Jackson black velvet sofa sales are up 80 per cent in the last year. The Jackson sofa, crafted from soft velvet fabric, is the perfect mix of art deco charm and mid-century modern clean lines.’

Black furniture is an easy way to create an elegant, sleek and polished look in the home – it adds a touch of drama, while staying clear of any gothic undertones. And the look can always be softened with the addition of other colours around it, such as throw cushions or a rug. If you’re worried about a black sofa making a room feel too dark, a large white rug will help to create balance in a room.

If you do want try out a black sofa, we suggest sticking to velvet or fabric versions rather than leather, as this can have unwanted bachelor pad vibes.

The Habitat Jackson sofa in black comes in a two seater and three seater version to suit all room sizes. But what’s even better is that right now, both versions are on sale, with £145 slashed off the former and £155 off the latter. Get it below…

black sofa 2-seater

Habitat Jackson 2 Seater Velvet Sofa – Black, £570 (was £715), Argos

black sofa 3-seater

Habitat Jackson 3 Seater Velvet Sofa – Black, £615 (was £770), Argos