Black Pound Day: What is it and when is the next one?

The Black Lives Matter movement really came into the spotlight last year, sparking conversations, protests and campaigns tackling racial injustice across the world. It was made clear that we all need to do better to support the black community in all areas of society.

What is Black Pound Day?

One campaign born of the movement is Black Pound Day, and it’s something we can all easily get involved in in our own way. Founded by music artist Swiss (of So Solid Crew fame), Black Pound Day aims to encourage people to shop from and spend money with local and online UK black-owned businesses, by replacing your usual purchases with services and products from black-owned businesses.

The day is also hoped to stand as an opportunity for people to learn how we can all support black-owned businesses over the long term.

When is Black Pound Day?

The first Black Pound Day took place on Saturday 27 June and it was such a success that #BlackPoundDay was trending on Twitter in the UK. Since then, the event has taken place on the first Saturday of every month, with the organisers wanting to drive home the message that this is ‘a movement, not a moment.’

A statement on the official Instagram account declared that: ‘The day will provide the community with self-pride, and with a routine spending structure to move forward and close the product to consumer loop. The community will gain greater knowledge to be able to access and invest in black business.

‘The vision is to empower the community to create a new economy which will in turn underpin our long-term financial growth and infrastructure.’

Some notable figures are known to have gotten behind the movement too, including singer-songwriter Jamelia.

black pound day
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How can I show my support?

Getting involved yourself is so easy – simply seek out black-owned businesses from which to shop, whether that’s on your local high street or from online retailers. The larger aim, of course, is that we don’t just shop from these vendors once a month, but that they become businesses we regularly frequent and tell others about.

If you’re not sure where to start, there are multiple directories of black-owned businesses and brands online, including Jamii, a card that helps you discover and get discounts at black-owned businesses. We’ve also recently rounded up some of our favourite black-owned beauty brands, fashion brands and lifestyle brands that are definitely worth checking out ahead of the next Black Pound Day.