BKR founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler share their tips for stylish eco living

Founded in 2011 by friends and former lawyers Tal Winter and Kate Cutler, BKR (pronounced ‘beaker’) water bottles have gone from San Francisco start up to a global success, toted by celebrities and influencers alike and stocked in Harrods and Selfridges in the UK.

The bottles are available in a pretty palette of colours, but they don’t just look good – their focus is on doing good too, with their collection of hard-wearing glass bottles providing the perfect antidote to disposable plastics.

Here, Tal and Kate have kindly shared their secrets to stylish eco living with us here at YOU…

1. We sip water from a bkr all day and say “no” to disposable drinks and plastic.

2. We try to be conscious of buying less things and only having the things we love.

3. To us, disposable clothes are a no-go. We prefer to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time and not end up in a fashion landfill.

4. We try to buy from brands like Stella McCartney that consider the effect their choices have on the earth and allow you to be eco without sacrificing style.

5. We love a great vintage find – sites like The RealReal have barely used designer pieces at amazing prices.

6. We look to buy beauty products from companies that tell it like it is and don’t hide anything or fake anything. Goop, for instance. We love that Gwyneth [Paltrow, founder of the lifestyle site] and Juice Beauty tell you exactly what you’re putting on your face and why – and when companies explain that they’re using technologies that aren’t natural or organic but are clean, safe and efficacious, well, we’re loving them too.

Words by Miranda Thompson

For more information and to find out where you can get hold of your own BKR water bottle, please see https://mybkr.co.uk/bkr-shop/