Best vegetarian barbecue recipes

Once upon a time, going to a barbecue was a rather depressing affair for a veggie. While there’s usually plenty on offer for the meat-eaters (in fact, we have some great meaty alternatives to burgers and sausages here), sometimes the vegetarian BBQ recipes can be a little lacking.

Well, look no further for meat-free inspiration, because we’ve rounded up the best vegetarian barbecue recipes from the likes of Joe Wicks and Rukmini Iyer. Meat-free? No problem.

Vegetarian BBQ recipes

Joe Wicks halloumi tacos
Maja Smend

Charred tomato and chipotle halloumi tacos recipe

Halloumi and tomato are a match make in heaven, as this Body Coach BBQ recipe proves. Fresh coriander leaves add an extra punch of flavour.

gnocchi skewers
David Loftus

Crispy gnocchi with charred peppers and basil pesto recipe

Forget just plain old vegetables on a stick – here, you intersperse veg of your choice on skewers with just-blanched gnocchi. The result: crisp perfection like you wouldn’t believe.

sweet potatoes
David Loftus

Sweet potatoes with rosemary, lemon and black beans recipe

Baking sweet potatoes whole in their jackets intensifies and sweetens the flesh. And, if you cook them directly on the coals, there’s a wonderful smokiness on serving. Do this once you’ve finished barbecuing other bits and pieces, when there’s still a good amount of heat left in the barbecue.

aubergine and goat's cheese stacks
David Loftus

Aubergine and goat’s cheese stacks with honey and thyme recipe

The goat’s cheese melts between the aubergine slices, scented with thyme – perfect by themselves or squashed between crusty white rolls.

halloumi peppers
David Loftus

Halloumi with red peppers, artichoke and preserved lemon recipe

Summer on a plate. After returning from Morocco, I started putting preserved lemons into everything – they work beautifully against the red peppers in this dish.

grilled courgettes
Ellis Parrinder

Moroccan-style spicy grilled courgettes with feta recipe

Ras-el-hanout is such a masterful blend (often with cardamom, cumin and allspice) it really doesn’t call for much in attendance. Vegans can forego the feta and serve these with a dollop of hummus instead.

coconut green beans
Ellis Parrinder

Coconut green beans and asparagus recipe

A light, summery coconut sauce will go with any simply grilled meat or fish, but it is especially good with green veggies.

Joe wicks courgette lollipops
Maja Smend

Courgette lollipops with mustard-lemon dressing recipe

These courgette lollipops with mustard-lemon dressing are a quick and simple Body Coach BBQ recipe that everyone will love.