The best UK cities for a hen party

Weddings are back with a bang this year, after countless couples had to reschedule or rearrange their planned celebrations during the various stages of lockdown. There are so many things to think about when it comes to the big day, but there’s one pre-wedding event that should be just as unforgettable – the hen party, of course.

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It’s not unusual for brides-to-be to set their hearts on a hen party abroad, but with the current cost of living crisis, people’s budgets are being squeezed tighter than ever. According to, 85 per cent of people say they have felt worried about the price of a hen do, and 44 per cent have declined to attend due to the cost.

Worry not, because you can still have a fantastic hen party here in the UK. You might not be guaranteed good weather, but you’ll have loads of fun nevertheless. Party decoration supplier Ginger Ray has done some digging to find the best UK cities for a pre-wedding celebration, based on data from TripAdvisor, to help you pick the perfect spot.

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The company looked at the cities providing the most options for a memorable stay, including bottomless brunches, spa treatments and even the availability of Whispering Angel wine. Yes, really.

Unexpectedly, Bath came out on top, with 1 in 4 venues providing a brunch menu and over a quarter of restaurants there being group-friendly. The city also has a large variety of vegan and gluten-free options, as well as an impressive 553 group activities to choose from, so it’s an all-rounder when it comes to a fun weekend away.

So which other cities ranked the best?

The best UK cities for a hen party

  1. Bath
  2. Brighton
  3. Cambridge
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Southampton
  6. York
  7. Newcastle
  8. Oxford
  9. Glasgow
  10. Leeds
  11. Cardiff
  12. Liverpool
  13. Bristol
  14. Sheffield
  15. London
  16. Nottingham
  17. Manchester
  18. Birmingham
  19. Leicester

It’s surprising to see London so far down on the list. The capital city might have 125 venues that stock Whispering Angel wine (data sourced from Google Maps), but there’s a smaller choice of spa facilities in comparison to other locations.

See the full research below…

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