This is officially the best time to shop at TK Maxx

We’ll be the first to admit that shopping at TK Maxx can be a bit overwhelming at times.
Selling everything from clothes and shoes, to homeware and kids toys, it’s hard to know where to start when you enter your local store – and remember what you’re there for in the first place as you get lost in the sea of sales racks.

However, there is a trick to mastering the art of the haul in your local store – new research has revealed the best time to shop at the high street giant, and it could make your next trip a whole lot easier.

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According to American data analytics company Thinknum, there’s a clear pattern at play. The researchers spent a couple of years studying the store’s discounts, and found that the discounts at TK Maxx peak at the beginning of every month.

Customers who are after an even bigger bargain hunt should also note that January was shown to be the best month of the year for great discount deals at TK Maxx – though this will definitely not come as a surprise to those who partake in the annual sales at retailers across the country.

The stats showed that during this time, discounts can reach up to 52%, meaning you can snap up all the half price shoes and handbags you like.

The study also revealed that other popular sale months at TK Maxx included July and August, which we can guess has a lot to do with the ‘out with the old, in with the new policy’ we witness on the high street as shops prepare for the autumn season.

And although the research was conducted in the States (where it’s TJ Maxx you want to hit up for the bargains), it’s likely that the trends are mirrored on our shores too. So if you’re planning a shopping trip, now would be the perfect time to do it!